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Margon Bankpro

  • What is MargonBankpro
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    This complete banking portal provides a kind of real banking services that gives you complete control over all your banking demands online.

  • What Source Code is developed From
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    Margon BankPro source code is developed in PHP, HTML, JavaScript, and MySQL database

  • Who is Eligible to Use MargonBankPro
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    This project was initially developed for an undergraduate school project, but over time, other banking features had been added base on individual demands. It is now suitable for programming development aspect.

  • Is it Customizable
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    This script was built in a way you can easily add any types of template to the front end, all that is required is little HTML knowledge or WordPress for those that love WordPress Theme.

  • What is the PHP Version
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    MargonBankPro Support PHP version 7.2 and above.

  • What Are the Unique Features of MargonBankpro
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    1. 5.6, 7.1, 7.2 + php version
    2. PHPMailer Inside (100% Email Notification Guarantee)
    3. World Wide SMS with Twilo SMS API
    4. Activate or Deactivate COT, IMF Code for Customers
    5. 3 Transfer Method, Interbank transfer, Domestic Transfer and Wire Transfer
    6. Portal Account Statement the Printing Option
    7. Account Activation Email and SMS Notification
    8. Credit Alert Email and SMS Notification
    9. Debit Alert Email and SMS Notificate
    10. OTP Email and SMS Notification
    11. Internal Support Ticket for Communications
    12. Edit Customer Profile information
    13. Upload Profile picture for Customers from Admin
    14. Users can upload their profile pictures
    15. 2 FActor Login Authentications for Customers
    16. 100 Percent Mobile Responsive with Latest Fonts icons
    17. Admin can View Customer Login Credentials
    18. Admin can edit customer information and change users password
    19. Different Transactions status (Successful, On-hold, declined, pending e.t.c)
    20. Admin can add transaction history for users

  • Can I buy MargonBankpro From Other Platform Online
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    We strongly advice people to purchase MargonBankpro script from official website of MydigitalForest (www.mydigitalforest). We value our customers had earned money and encourage them to choose wisely while making payment online. MargonBankpro script comes with activation code which can only obtain from our developer support (livechat) or WhatsApp chat. You can chat us for licence extension or removal.

  • How Much Is MargonBankPro
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    Margon Bankpro is $340 

  • Does it Have Installation Instructions
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    Here are the Instructions

    Step 1: Unzip script – After downloading the script you will need to unzip the script.zip file. Next you will want to copy the contents of the unzipped folder to your server.

    Step 2: Create Database – Before continuing through the installation, you will need to create a MySQL database for your site. Make sure to have your database name, database user, and database password handy to continue through the installation.

    Step 3: Upload database – Upload the file database.sql located in the sql folder to your database.

    Step 4: Add Your Database Credentials – Next, you will need to add your database credentials to your config.php file. In the app folder you will see a file called config.php, open it up in a text editor and you should see something that looks similar to the following:

    The lines that you will want to pay attention to will be the DB_HOST, URL, DB_NAME, DB_USER, and DB_PASSWORD. You will need to enter in the URL of your application as well as your database host, name, username, and password.

  • Do I Need Special Hosting Server To Run this Script
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    You should need  a hosting server from any hosting company to run this script.