Exchange Genius – Advanced Peer to Peer Crypto Currency Exchange Platform

by james in on July 15, 2022


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Exchange Genius is an Advanced Peer to Peer Currency Exchange Platform that is developed with PHP Laravel. Exchange Genius is Developed for those people who really want to start their Business with Crypto Exchange Platform. Using this platform users can join by registering themself easily, and they can use the smart user dashboard for their transactions. The Whole trade is managed by the System Owner and the System Owner gets all the exchange/trade Charges and the Owner can set/update charges from the admin panel.
You can Handle unlimited users, Currencies, advertisements, Trade, Escrow, and you are able to handle all the payments via cryptos. If you are Really Looking for a P2P Crypto Exchange Platform for your Business, then this one is the right choice for you. Its Supported Multiple Currency and Multiple Languages, which makes this script more user-friendly. Exchange Genius gives you the best performance for Crypto Exchange Platform sites with user-responsive flexibility and optimized UX/UI.

Admin Dashboard

  • Smart Dashboard Statistics
  • Dashboard Deposit graph Informations
  • Dashboard withdraw graph Informations
  • Whole transaction reports
  • Advanced user management
  • User wallet balance add/substruct
  • User profile information and update profile
  • User deposit and withdrawal history
  • Ban or Active user Management
  • Currency Management
  • Fiat currency management
  • Cryptocurrency Handling
  • Country management with user-friendly search
  • Offer Management
  • Offer limit management
  • Manage trades
  • Manage trade durations
  • Manage disputed trades
  • Dispute conversations with traders
  • Override Refund/Release crypto
  • KYC managements
  • KYC form builders
  • KYC user info management
  • Coinpayment API credentials settings
  • Role management system
  • Create unlimited roles
  • Assign permissions to roles and edit permissions
  • Managing staff and assigning staff to a role
  • Create new staff and edit existing staff
  • Update staff’s role
  • Manage withdrawals with detailed info
  • Manage Deposits
  • Manage site general settings
  • Change the website title
  • Change theme color
  • Site maintenance mode
  • Enable tawk to live chat
  • Control google Recaptcha
  • Control allowed registration of email domains
  • Control email verification
  • Control user registration
  • Control KYC status
  • Manage KYC offer limit
  • Manage KYC trade limit
  • Control email/sms notifications
  • Control two-step authentication
  • Change site logo and favicon
  • Control cookie concent
  • Manage frontend settings
  • Manage page settings
  • Dynamic menu builder
  • Manage homepage all section data and site contents
  • FAQ Management
  • Manage Policy Pages
  • Manage Social Icons
  • Manage blog category/blogs
  • Advanced SEO settings
  • Email configurations Management
  • Manage email templates
  • Send group email
  • Manage SMS configurations and gateway
  • Manage sms templates
  • Manage Languages
  • Add/Edit language
  • Autodetected site texts for translation in language
  • Manual site text add for translation in language
  • Translation key and value searching system
  • Advanced support ticket management
  • Admin profile management
  • Admin change password
  • Admin change language bar
  • And much more…

User Dashboard

  • User dashboard Statistics
  • Light/Dark mode enabled dashboard UI
  • Manage user dashboard and info
  • Dashboard latest trade requests
  • User can see all transactions and search
  • User can see transaction details
  • User can see their created offers
  • Users can create Buy/Sell offers
  • User can manage their trades
  • User can manage their trade requests
  • Making trade requests with necessary information
  • Users can have trade conversations
  • Escrow enabled trade conversation
  • Able to deposit to own wallet
  • Users can see deposit histories
  • Crypto deposit address generate
  • Users can withdraw from their wallets
  • Users can see withdrawal histories
  • User KYC information submission
  • User KYC offer limit
  • User KYC trade limit
  • Offer creation offer limit upon trade completion
  • User profile management
  • Email notification & verification
  • Phone number verification with SMS
  • Two-step security
  • Google Captcha Included
  • Advanced support ticket system
  • Multi-language enabled
  • SEO enabled Interface
  • And much more…

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    July 15, 2022

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    July 15, 2022

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