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in Buy YouTube Watch Hours on April 1, 2021by james
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Do you need a fast way to get 4000 watch hours and 1,000 subscribers on YouTube in less time. By using the word “Fast” I mean getting your YouTube channel monetized in less than 1 month.

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Do you know it takes of time to reach 4000 watch hours mark and active 1,000 subcribers. If you have been looking for a way to monetized your YouTube Channel this is the minimum requirement as published by YouTube

1.You most have at least 1,000 subscribers

2. You most also have at least 4,000 hours of watch time within the past 12 months.

What is exactly 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 watch hours.

4000 Watch hours means 240,000 Minutes. So, if you have 10 videos then you need an average of 24k Views on each of the videos to reach that threshold. But, the more videos you have the fewer average video views will be required for you.

Why Do I need 4000 Watch Hours and 1000 Subscribers

Honestly you need 4000 watch hours and 1000 subscribers to comply with YouTube monetization policies. The chances of getting more subscribers will also be increased if you are getting enough views.

There are some Bloggers/YouTubers who will be told you that YouTube in 2021 is very hard and the YouTube market is quite competitive.

Trust Me, They Are All Lying.

A YouTuber with over 10,000 subscribers grow 10 times faster than a YouTuber with 100 subscribers, why? because of the “time” and “his audience”

If you are a small YouTuber: How to get 4k Watch Time And 1K Subscribers is very simple at

To get started with this service please ensure you provide us with the required information below.

  • A YouTube video link with a minimum of 1hours duration.
  • A working YouTube Channel.

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