Ion Banking – ionic 5 banking app ui theme

by Evans Robert in on November 19, 2019

Ion Banking is a beautiful ui theme pack for an online bank app. It contains all the basic features of a banking app. You can customize it as you need and connect to your own backend.

Ion Banking - ionic 5 banking app ui theme - 1

Above screen you’ll see the real screen footage of the app. App contains:

  • Into Screen
  • Login Screen
  • Forgot Password Screen
  • Signup Screen
  • Dashboard with circular progress bar
  • Wallet Screen
  • Expenses Screen
  • Proifle Screen
  • Notification Screen
  • Add income/exprense Screen</>
  • Request Money Screen
  • Send money Screen
  • Animated success Screen

get the test apk from

How to setup in my machine?
It’s simple as you think.

1.Extract(unzip) the package. 2.Open the project in your favorite code editor. 3. Type ‘npm install’ to install node modules. 4 Just type ionic serve’

To build android apk 1. ionic cordova platform add android 2. ionic cordova build android—prod

Ion Banking - ionic 5 banking app ui theme - 2


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