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by james in , , on January 24, 2019
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Pro Hackers is a full functional online real time hire a hackers HTML script, developed with latest version of HTML. It does not accept direct online payment, but a web based application that enable anyone to get in touch with professional hackers for any hacking service.

Pro Hackers is online hire a hacker platform, whereby a website view can securely sent information to the admin email by filling the required short form on the platform and explain the type of hacking service he/she needs like, hacking into a website, computer, network, user account, etc.

If you are looking for online hire a hackers script, look no further, Pro Hackers is a right HTML script you need for your online hire a hackers service.

The Project’s Primary Goals Consist of…

1. A robust and effective web based HTML form, extending functionality without compromising the user sensitive information like credit card or social account password. NO USER ACCOUNT IS NEEDED

2. Simple and easy user interface to work with both on mobile and desktop.

Pro Hackers Features:

Each and every input is passed through mysql_real_escape_string to remove special characters from the string so that user can’t submit arbitrary input.

Note: If we talk about security, above mentioned points would provide no security at all but it will work for beginners. Being into web app pen testing,I very well know this project will not be considered secure. Its does not need effective filtering mechanism, better hashing algorithm, a better salting procedure for storing passwords and some other things too.


No Database connection is required to setup
You can simply upload the script on hosting server/localhost and start editing them.

Live Chat:
It accept all live chat application

SMTP configuration:
You can easily replace your webmail or personal email account with the default email.

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    January 24, 2019

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    January 24, 2019

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