Discover The New Online Banking PHP Script That Saves You Extra Time

by Evans Robert in Creative website on October 7, 2019

Attention, designers! There’s a brand new Online Banking PHP Script that you should know about. The Name is ClovBank, CovBank will help you create stunning Online Banking Website in just half the time.

Oh, and here’s another feature you’ll love: it’s completely responsive.

One of the best ways of creating website application is through local server with the help of web application like XAMPP, WAP Servers. etc.

But even with the help of offline app’s with their powerful basic functions, creating eye-catching website from scratch every time can be a complex and time-consuming process. Wouldn’t it be great if there were some way to minimized building online banking system from scratch?

ClovBank is a web script that could give you a massive head start by allowing you to do things like importing pre-built  online banking system into your project?

The Solution

ClovBank Script is that solution.

It’s a powerful PHP script that’s designed to speed up a designer’s workflow in building online banking website. Here’s how Evans Robert, Product Manager for the MyDigitaforest, describes it:

ClovBank  is a full functional online banking PHP script, developed with latest version of PHP, it is web based online payments/banking application and can be accessible for anyone on the web.

ClovBank is online banking system, whereby members can transfer funds from one member to another, fund their account through local banks, receive money from other members and also make other payments if the solution is accepted.

Key Benefits of the Plugin

You can still customise the designs to fit your own needs, of course. But the script give you a huge advantage, letting you start from an elegant and functional design instead of a blank page.

Start Making Money Today!

You can visit the product page to learn more about it, download it for, and start using it.

Follow this link to download ClovBank:

This new Online Banking Script is very simple to use, but if you need any help, you can find a walk-through of using it over LiveChat or send email to support.

In reality, though, your most pressing problem will be deciding what to do with all that extra time you’ve saved.







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